Mon Délire

Darkness. Darkness, the color of indigo, flooded the whole room.The rays of silver light—that looked like thunder as it blinked to the rhythm of the electronic house music the DJ was playing—was the only thing that keeps the room from being completely pitch black. The center of the room was full of colliding sweaty bodies which […]

Reality In TV

I just finished watching Awkward. and Melissa and Joey Season 3. As every thing I read or watch come to an end, I always get this hallow feeling. Why do people always leave me hanging? Then again, like all my reflection, I think I know the answer to that. The only thing that keeps me from ending it all is […]

Is Dating My Prom Date A Good Idea?

As I sat there on the lonely table at the corner of McDonald’s, I kept looking for HIM. I couldn’t focus myself toward what was happening at the moment which was me hanging out with Gia. I keep looking out through the clear glass wall which was stained with finger prints and other oily stuff. The night […]

Time Is The Enemy

I’ve always wished for a better year to come. Every freaking school year of my life had its greatness but mostly downfall. But the greatness makes the downfall worth falling. This year, however, had neither a downfall nor greatness. I tried to make my own downfall but I ended up being bored and all. Another […]

Fair Package

Friday, November 15, 2013. MY last day of fair since I’m going to Nuvali tomorrow. Recap: It all started in Jollibee where, I met up with my classmates at around 5:30pm. When I was seated on the table with the, I couldn’t help but notice the group of guys who were sitting on my right一the […]

Book Appreciation

I just thought of this now. The previous years, I kept on looking for distractions in order to avoid family problems and all that crap. I was successful in ignoring everything that is happening inside my home space, however, I have created a lot of issues with school and peers and society in general which […]

Pain and Wounded

Today, I’ve been worrying about shit that I shouldn’t be worrying about like for example: why would my parish-mates not include me during parish? I mean the that’s the parish leader’s job, is it not? And if some of my classmate/lunch buddy are angry with me because of something I did? I’m not even talking […]

Make Out Realization Sesh

So I was scrolling down my tumblr timeline, and I saw this couple picture. They were passionately engaged into mid-kissing each other. The I ask myself, “What’s so good about kissing?” At that thought, I began to remember the time a went to this music festival last April 27, 2013. I was in the car of […]