New Beginnings

Today is the beginning of blogging for me. As you can see, my identity is a mystery and you might as well think I’m fiction but know this: somewhere out there, there will be a girl who experienced everything that you’ll read in here. I created private blogs which only I can read. I am currently in love with my angel. Secretly a bookworm. I SERIOUSLY LOVE READING or maybe even obsessed. I like the way reality dissolves into fantasy because for me, loosing your mind into some kind of a beautiful dream is better than reality kicking your ass. I am a princess living in life full of fantasies. I will one day find my Patch and he’ll love me like Daniel love Luce. He will do anything to protect me like Jace and Clary. I will make him the best version of himself like Annabeth and Percy. I will be the one who could break his walls like Tessa and Will. He will share his deepest darkest secrets with no one else but me like Tobias and Tris.

Love makes us the best versions of ourselves. We feel encouraged to go further with our instincts, not to change ourselves for love.

Love makes us liars, to love is to destroy. But love also brings out the best in us, it gives us a purpose in life.

Almost is never enough

Pain attracts me. I am a sadistic person but I don’t know why. I appreciate pain because I see passion in it. Same goes for sacrifice and love.

Love is the most powerful yet it is the most dangerous of all.

So far, that’s a brief explanation as to who I might be and maybe as we go further into time, you’ll get to know me better. I will get to know me better.


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