Dream Virginity

So my obsession of Nolan Funk had been brought into my dreams:

We were in a house, maybe my house, I’m not sure. Nolan and I were eating pancakes. (Just watched Awkward. season 3 and pretend Jenna is me) I was seated beside the table, facing Nolan who was on the same side of the table as I was. On the table was a plate of fresh cooked pancakes. As I stood up and bent over to grab a bite of the pancake we were sharing. He leaned toward me and said, “Do you feel something for me?” His voice was low and sexy which made my cheeks burn. Avoiding to answer the question as if to say I was hard to get, I ate a mouth-full of pancakes instead. He took it as a sign of flirtation and he grabbed my waist, leading me to his lap. I had let him pull me into his lap out of shock. My legs were wrapped around his waist and my fingers lingering in his hair一his silk soft hair. He started kissing me on my collar bone and to my neck. I was dry humping him and for a moment things got heated up but it didn’t really last that long since my yaya came out of nowhere and saw us. He immediately dropped me out of shock. I regained almost as fast as I fell, cursing silently.

Under stress, I desperately looked for a place we can do it. I checked the bathroom, the living room and all other private places. But unfortunately, the house was full of people who I don’t even know. Desperation came in and I was willing to do it behind the coach which was placed near the wall on the living room. Unfortunately, a group of old people came into the room and we were forced to do it in the dining area (which is weird because the dining area looked like a restaurant with complete service and without a menu) which didn’t happen again since there were a lot of people in the dining area. And the waitress was such a bitch. She started giving me the evil eye because she was asking for my order while I was asking for the menu. Finally, she snapped at me and told me that there wasn’t any menu.

A while later, we were trying to fix rooms and who will be your roommate/s. I was supposed to be in a room with my cousins but apparently we couldn’t fit. One of us needed to be in a different room. Since no one wanted to transfer, I took it as an opportunity for Nolan and I to share room. I volunteered out and immediately text-ed him. To my happiness, he agreed to share rooms with me. Fortunately for us, the only room left was the master’s bedroom which contained a huge bedroom, candles, a bathroom and a hot tub.

(Skipping through the waiting and all)

I was in the shower when he arrived. As I came out of the bathroom I saw him sleeping on the bed. I climbed to bed next to him and laid my head on top of his chest and whispered, “Hey, let’s do it here.” his eyes flutter open, his gaze fixed on me, and only asked me if I really wanted to do it. Persistently, I said yes. His eyes shone as bright as the sun and he slowly untie the ribbon of my bathrobe. I closed my eyes as his touch sent electricity to my body. I sat on top of him and he playfully twirled us around, pinning me under him. He started kissing my neck, giving my tummy the butterflies. Finally, his lips met mine. For a moment he was kissing me softly but then it grew hungrier and full of desire. He stripped me naked and he was gentle for a guy. It was like he was afraid he’d hurt me or maybe because he knew I was a virgin. He didn’t want to push his private part to the limit so I wasn’t really enjoying it at first. We only had 3 positions before he had the orgasm. But I wasn’t going to let him out that easy. Lying on his back, I positioned myself on top of him and took his thingy, pushing it in to the limit. It actually felt nice though it didn’t really last that long since my dream shifted already.

So that’s it!!! I’m officially not a virgin anymore… in my dreams!



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