Book Appreciation

I just thought of this now. The previous years, I kept on looking for distractions in order to avoid family problems and all that crap. I was successful in ignoring everything that is happening inside my home space, however, I have created a lot of issues with school and peers and society in general which led to a greater amount of depression for me. Fortunately, now that I discover fantasy in books, I found a way to ignore everything and lock myself in a reality where everything is interesting and that is very far away from what reality really is. It helps me trigger my feelings. If I need to cry, I’ll cry because a character died not because my parents are divorced and it’s bothering me. If I wanna be all depressed, I’ll be depressed because two people I ship didn’t get to be together in the end and not because someone I liked made a fool out of me and gave the cake that I had put a lot of effort on to some girl he just recently met. If I wanna be angry, I’ll be angry because my favorite character was betrayed by someone she/he is close to and not because my close friends backstab me though I let them because what else can I do. If I wanna fall in love, I’ll love someone who will, in the end, be with me, choose me, and love me like he never loved anyone before, like we were made for each other, that our love transcends everything not someone who will promise to marry me, say his vows, then after a year or so will just leave me for someone who just graduated from high school. Sometimes, I just wish I can somehow magically trap myself in the pages of my book because however tragic the beginning and the middle part, the ending will always be a happy ending. “Because what is eternity without love?”


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