Fair Package

Friday, November 15, 2013. MY last day of fair since I’m going to Nuvali tomorrow.
It all started in Jollibee where, I met up with my classmates at around 5:30pm. When I was seated on the table with the, I couldn’t help but notice the group of guys who were sitting on my right一the middle table. They were all looking at me一scanning me from head to toe like a scanner would do to a paper一the moment I walked in from the glass door that was dividing the inner 2nd floor room and the outer 2nd floor room where the stairs lay.
After trying so hard to ignore the thoughts of insecurities while the group of guys’ gazes fell on me every once in a while, we were forced to move out from Jollibee due to 6:00pm reservations. We stalked our way to Treats where I left my friends for Vince who went to Petron just for me. Upon sneaking away from my friends, Vince and I went to a cupcake shop on the second floor. It was kind of nice to hangout with him. Although, I was shaking and nervous for no apparent reason. I’m not saying I like him because I don’t. However, it didn’t last long. Marielle called me, looking for me, she told me to meet them at the entrance of the concert. So Vince took me to MC and left.
On my way to the entrance, hurrying, I passed by Aly with the other Salots (missing Gue and Choco) and Pat Pauls. I wouldn’t have noticed them if it were for Aly who shouted “Kloy” at me. Immediately, I tensed一knowing only Salots call me that一and turned toward Aly’s direction. Aly was blabbering stuff about how she misses me while the others agreed. She had her arms wide open as if expecting a hug from me. Realizing this, I immediately scrammed. Almost ignoring Ponce’s question: “Bakit ka nakaitim?” I stopped at the question and answered, “Kasi para hindi ako makita sa dilim.” And they just laughed, which I took as an advantage and rushed immediately away from them.
I was sitting on the benches opposite to the classrooms outside with Crissy and Sera when we saw Shenel. I called her and she stalked her way toward us. While catching up, we heard Patng’s voice singing which made Shenel and I rushing toward the covert court. We crossed paths with Francis Lopez whom I acknowledged his presence with a hug that shocked me. Did I just hug Francis Lopez? I thought.
While the concert is boring and all, I was just sitting一hiding from the world一opposite to the 1-3 (2011) classroom. Suddenly, Sera and Crissy, who left to walk in order to shake off the awful feeling she was having for wanting to reject her promdate, went back to where we were sitting and told me Arvin was in the fair. This caused me to bolt upright and went looking for him. I walked around and around till my feet hurt and my head ached. Shenel and I agreed to just go inside the covered court where the concert was happening. So there I was standing in the dim light, depressed. Suddenly, I looked to my left, and saw… JUSTINE CASTILLO. I had a crush on him in freshmen year and I think until now, I’m still in love with him. Though, he doesn’t know me一sad fact.
When I was about to give up looking for Arvin and just settle on staring at Justine from a distance, I turned my head to the right again and poof… Arvin was there, right beside me. At first, I thought I was hallucinating and all. I really wasn’t expecting to see him at all. By the time I regained myself from the shock, Arvin already said hi and was telling me that he finally made it since he was so busy due to training. Smiling, I walked toward him and had small conversations about Justine. Without even noticing, Justine was beside Arvin and had his back on up. Hopefully, he didn’t hear our conversation. Teasingly, Arvin went nearer to Justine and was smiling at me. Justine, noticing Arvin’s awkward presence at his back said, “Isn’t that your promdate?” I wasn’t aware of Arvin’s answer cause I was busy drooling over Justine. So he did know me… As ARVIN’S PROMDATE but nonetheless he still knows me. A fact that made my cheek flushed so hard that I was glad it was dark in there. However, unfortunately, Justine busied Arvin up which made me retreat to my friends who were watching the fashion show up ahead.
When IndAK was up on the stage, I reasoned out to my friends and everybody around me that I was just looking for a way to see Justine dance but all I really wanted was to be next to Arvin as he watches too. So I squeezed my way to the side where he now stood with JGo, and pleaded with him to introduce me to Justine Castillo, but as he laugh he also refused, taking a step back every time. Finally, he said he needed to go catch up with his friends and I let him. Left alone there, I felt insecure and hurt. I felt like I was pushing myself toward him when he clearly doesn’t want me. He was freaking stepping back while we were still talking. Although, knowing Arvin, he probably means well and I shouldn’t be thinking that way. But how well did I know Arvin? Or much more do I really even know him at all?
Feeling my insecurities, Shenel and I went with Jasmin and the gang to hang out. Finally when Shenel and I were left alone, I went to say hi to Noelle Mercado and Yankee Gatpayat. In doing so, Pael shouted hi at me and in return I waved my right arm. Little did I realize that I just said hi to PAEL STA MARIA (for those who don’t know, I hate him). We lost Jasmin and Tria, and we were left with Dan. In the attempt of looking for them, we were walking toward the main entrance where they said they were. We bumped into Arvin and Riel on the way, and in an attempt to not look so desperate, I only tried to notice Riel which made Arvin’s gaze turn from the one he was talking to to me一which I tried so hart to ignore just to be “cool” and I succeeded with it.
After dropping of Dan, Shenel and I walked back inside. In doing so, My path and Arvin’s intersected since they were leaving and we were entering. We said our goodbyes which poached my heart because he was leaving. We didn’t even get to hug each other.
Walking around and around like people who don’t have better things to do, we crossed paths with Pio whom I said hi to and asked him where Barex was. And instead he said, “I don’t know. I think he’s not going.” Disappointment was visible in my face. Teasingly, he asked me where I was gonna prom-pose so I ended up telling him the story of how I was about to ask Barex to prom but did not happen because he was so not easy to get. In the near end of our conversation he said he was hurt that I would only talk to him if I needed something which confused me since he was a little bit snob. In reply, I told him it was because he had a girlfriend. He dismissed the though, stating that they were falling apart. I was able to reply since he was called by the “tres marias”一Dani, Ryanne and Aimee.
I was losing hope that Barex would come when I, shockingly, saw him. I immediately went to his direction, dragging Shenel with me as I do so. However, my attempts of having a casual conversation with him was diminished. “Huy,” I said to him which he acknowledge with a nod. In rejection of the conversation, Shenel and I just continued to walk away.
At the near end of the concert, Shenel and I were just sitting on the sidewalk near the main entrance. I was going through my messages for an unread text message. I saw Inna’s name and I remembered her promise to introduce me to Aaron. She asked me to go to her because she was with Aaron. I went to the courtyard where Airforce circled around Inna, Jaja and Bettina Puruganan. Finally, Inna introduced me to Aaron, intentionally adding the fact that I wanted to meet him eversince. To regain my coolness, I claimed that it was because I heard how good he is in dancing with amazed me. I thought it would be awkward since even before Inna introduced us with names, he was already shaking my hand. I thought we wouldn’t have any real conversation but I was wrong. We ended up him telling me corny pick up line which forced me to laugh in order to not look like they’re boring me when the truth was it was completely amazed at the sight of him that I didn’t care what he was saying. Inna was already pushing me away, though I don’t know why cause obviously they were all circling me now telling me corny jokes and showing me stuff to amaze me like handshakes and all. But I suspected it was because she was jelly. When Inna said goodbye to me and told me it was because Airforce were leaving already. I said goodbye to Aaron and Cayel reasoning out that it was because they were leaving. Aaron grabbed Cayel by the shoulder asking him if they were leaving as if to say no we’re not yet leaving stay. Instead of saying bye, they stopped me and said, “wait wait wait one last” and that one last really lasted for like a while. When finally Inna was seriously pushing me away, I sighed. I walked toward Aaron and patted him on the shoulder as I said goodbye. He grabbed my hands and held it while it slipped away一pressing slightly my fingers with his. I was so kilig. And that’s the highlight of my night.


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