Is Dating My Prom Date A Good Idea?

As I sat there on the lonely table at the corner of McDonald’s, I kept looking for HIM. I couldn’t focus myself toward what was happening at the moment which was me hanging out with Gia. I keep looking out through the clear glass wall which was stained with finger prints and other oily stuff. The night was young and the moon was full. As I sit there distracted, I came across thinking why on earth did I ask Arvin to prom? Was it because we’re close? Was it because he’s a heartthrob? One thing for sure, I didn’t ask him because we were close since I barely know anything about his personal life. I don’t even know where he lives. Honestly, before my prom proposal I couldn’t even pronounce his last name. Am I just rushing things because I am sad and lonely? Another thing I am sure of is that I didn’t ask him because he’s a heartthrob, not saying that his not, it’s just that I have a lot of friends that are heartthrob whom I am more close with. He was my number one choice though I don’t know why. Then as I ponder harder, I came up with the theory that maybe I do like him. Maybe because, personality wise, he makes me laugh. Maybe I came to realize that it doesn’t matter what he looks like, it’s just how I am with him. Although, our friendship should really grow deeper for me to define my feelings and sought through if I really do like him. I wish we really grow closer within the months before prom and I also wish that my feelings wont make it awkward for the both of us. And god do I wish he wont cancel on me which will make me totally heartbroken because as of today, he is the highlight of my junior year.


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