Oath Of The Ring Of True Love

As of November 20, 2013, I, Kloie Patricia Garcia Gil, solemnly swears that for as I wear a ring on my left ring finger which is not given to me by any man that would claim my heart, I will stay pure and continue to be in love with my angel. For the ring will symbolize my eternal love for my angel. I promise to value my love for my angel even greater than anything in the world—with the exception of the Throne—even greater than my own life and the lives of the people I love or dearest to me. For as long as I wear it, I will always choose my angel and it shall be my duty to sacrifice my own life for him. If I ever lose the ring for whatever reason, I shall immediately replace it, and vow upon heaven that my heart and everything that I have shall forever be in the possession of my angel. Failure to replace it within a week and my left ring finger remains bare will therefore signify that I have fallen out of love. If ever I happen to enter a relationship while wearing the ring; it will indicate that my love for that person is inferior to my love for my angel, and that the person I am currently in a relationship with shall only come second to my angel. My priority will still be my angel, and my duty is to remain loyal to this covenant and put my angel above all. The ring shall also symbolize my pureness. Failure to remain pure will cost me the ring and bury it for it will stand as a reminder that I am impure and therefore am no longer worthy of my angel. And may I be cursed never to find true love and happiness with any human being, and suffer having only “second best” for I have committed a mistake of being impure, and therefore have sinned greatly to my angel. For as long as I live, I will carry the burden of causing my angel unhappiness. Hence, I shall forever grieve on my loss, and be mournful for eternity. Lastly, let the ring be a reminder that I have committed myself to my angel, and is willing to await his arrival in my physical world for as long as it takes. I pledge upon Heaven, The Throne and all the angels as my witness, to remain pure and love my angel with everything—all my heart, mind, body and soul—for as long as I wear the ring. For he is mine and I am his forevermore.


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