Reality In TV

I just finished watching Awkward. and Melissa and Joey Season 3. As every thing I read or watch come to an end, I always get this hallow feeling. Why do people always leave me hanging? Then again, like all my reflection, I think I know the answer to that. The only thing that keeps me from ending it all is that the curiosity of what will happen next. I think this is a life lesson. However much I want to just leave this world, I can’t because there is always tomorrow to look forward to. And as I write this, I realize that this blog is a reflection for me. Not only does it help me express my feelings, it also helps me retain my senses in my head. I may panic to death now but tomorrow is another day and a fresh new start.

I can’t believe I’m actually positive about life tonight. I am usually negative and irritable toward the fact that my life sucks. But now I’m thinking that why on earth would I let life defeat me. It’s just a matter of how you get up from falling. And maybe that’s the point of me watching TV series and reading science fiction books because other people might not see the moral in it but it is what gives me guidance and became a great influence in my life. In the future, I might even thank the unwanted hobbies I have because it made me realize where I’m good at and what I wanna do with my life though I have no idea where it is related to the stuff I read or watch about. But as of now, I am happy and that is what’s important. 


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