Mon Délire

Darkness. Darkness, the color of indigo, flooded the whole room.The rays of silver light—that looked like thunder as it blinked to the rhythm of the electronic house music the DJ was playing—was the only thing that keeps the room from being completely pitch black. The center of the room was full of colliding sweaty bodies which made the air smelled fresh with sweat and laughter.

As I sit on the bar stool which was located on the elevated platform near the entrance of the room, I started losing hope the he would come. Standing out of the dancing crowd, the vibration in my pocket had me sitting upright. It was a text from AC indicating that he and Arvin would be coming and that Arvin was asking what he should wear for me. He should wear a tux, I replied. At the good news, I happily waited for Arvin to arrive.

As the two entered the room coolly, my eyes blazed at the sight of Arvin in a tux. My stomach went uneasy and jumpy, and my goosebumps were certainly not helping. He looked so formal in his black satin tuxedo that he looked elegant without even trying. It was like he was born to wear a suit like that. I rushed toward him as gracefully as I could, and he gave me a wide smile which sent me a warm feeling that melted my heart.

The scene changed before I reached Arvin. We were now in a white-walled bedroom. I sat at the bottom bunk of the double deck while another person—whose identity I have no idea of but I am certain that it is a he—was sitting on the top bunk. We were both facing toward Arvin who was standing at the foot of the bed with arms crossed that was resting at the end of the top bunk. The unidentified guy who sat at the top bunk was asking Arvin random questions. I wasn’t really paying any attention to the guy since I was busy studying Arvin. However, one question caught my two ears and snapped me back to reality. The guy was now asking if Arvin and I were an item. I started to protest, sitting upright as I do so. I was busy trying not to look so affected by the question that I unwillingly blurted out that Arvin liked someone else. He admitted that he did like this girl but sadly it was unrequited. Another information had pinned me in the heart that I could feel my heart bleeding subconsciously—he claimed that the girl was his childhood friend. While I was all upset deep inside despite the smile on my face, the anonymous person seated at the top bunk thought of it as cute which definitely didn’t help the situation. To show off, Arvin brought out an album which contained pictures of him and the girl as a child. Disappointment was now rushing to drown me alive. It was killing me in my dreams. How am I supposed to compete with that now?


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