Skechers 9: A Night To Be Remembered

The night was young and my heart was beating rapidly fast. Right then and there I knew it was a night to be remembered. The moment the four of us—Matt, Queen, Gia and I—arrived at MOA, I couldn’t help but to be paranoid as to where Aaron might be. We had a quick stop at the bathroom then agreed to wait for Skechers to start at the Arena.

     As we set foot on the arena, a text from Aaron to Queen indicated that he and his friends were in front of Starbucks. We rushed toward the nearest Starbucks which was located outside the arena. On our way, we encountered Dani Ibanez and a few IndAK. She said that Justine Castillo just passed by a minute before I approached her. At the mention of his name, my heart did a mini summersault. My adrenaline was rushing and I could feel my energy rising up. It was so hard to hide what was threatening to burst.

     We arrived at the Starbucks outside the arena and saw that Aaron was not there. Then I remembered there was another Starbucks inside the arena. On our way in, we saw Justine Castillo. Wide eyed and heart melting, I tried to stay cool with it. He was with some of the IndAK and fortunately I know a few of the ones he was with. I approached Riel Geli, who was standing beside Justine, and wished them good luck. At that I caught his attention and I could feel his gaze had shifted to me. Unfortunately, it did not last since he walked away to his friend. Riel and I said our goodbyes, and had parted ways.

     The moment we entered the arena, my adrenaline couldn’t stop from jumping jacks. A minute later, we were finally with Aaron. At first, we weren’t talking. However, after rushing inside the VIP section to meet Inna to get my shirt and Aaron’s, I went back to be reconciled with Queen, Gia and Airforce peeps, and gave Aaron his shirt. This caught his attention and finally we started talking about the shirt. “Hey, I remember you,” he said to me as I gave him the shirt. He then called Cayel and asked him he remembered me. He nodded and then they started winking at me which was kind of awkward for me. Matthew Angeles went to us to talk to Queen. “Kilala kita,” he said to me the moment he saw me. As response to what he said, I replied, “yeah, I know you too.” He started telling people that I was “epal” then I hit him with a balloon and in return he also hit me with his balloon. I was shocked that a boy would hit a girl. How immature of him to do that. But he is Matthew Angeles, what can I do about it?

     As the show started I left Gia, who was sitting at Lowerbox, and went down to support Arvin. I immediately went to Queen, who was seated in Patron, and asked her to come with me because Arvin was going out from the backstage and I wanted to say hi. Matthew Angeles, being an annoying person as he is, hit the sides of my head with the two balloons. Irritating how this person likes hitting girls.

     Queen finally agreed to go down with me at the mention of Arvin. We sat at my seats which were directly in front of the stage. The announcer called IndAK and we waited for Arvin to go out. Finally, when IndAK reached our place, I grabbed Arvin’s arm and wished him good luck which he acknowledged with a jerk of the head and a thanks to me. Before we abandoned our post, I waited for AC and grabbed him to the side to wish him good luck too. And after all that, Queen and I went back to Patron seats where I sat in front of Matthew.

     In the introduction, the host asked the audience to stand and dance. I, being a person who simply does not dance, refused to stand up. Again Matthew Angeles, being an annoying person, teased me and ordered me to stand up. In doing so, he constantly bumped my head ever once in a while—using the dance moves as an excuse. Aggravated by his actions, I spanked him on the leg every time he “accidentally” bumped my head.

     When we were all seated, I was texting Gia and Nikki De Vera. I could feel Matthew reading my text messages as I texted. Finally, I asked him if he wanted to reply to Nikki’s text. He reached out his hand and I gave him my phone. After giving me back my phone, he patted my head. I said, “Ang sarap.” Then he started massaging my head. After a while, maybe he grew tired or something, instead of massaging my head, he was playing with my hair which was perfectly fine by me because I like it when people play with my hair.

     I turned my head to the side and saw Aaron looking at me. I had to hide the fact that I was smiling deep down inside. I keep glancing at him every once in a while and every time I do so, I saw him looking at me still. It was a good thing I don’t blush because if I could blush, my face must’ve been the color of a tomato.

     At the performance of IndAK, I asked Queen to once again come with me to my original seat. Fortunately for me, the formation of their dance was doing me a favor since Arvin was directly in front of me, like literally. I was so proud of him. Seeing him having fun up there on stage made me feel like a mom because of how proud he made me. It was like seeing your own child grow up into a good person. I don’t know if he saw me but he was looking directly at me. He was so fierce in dancing. The way he was up there made me realize what passion really meant. It was rare for people to witness such passion and I am honored to witness his. Deep in my heart, he and AC are winners because I know they worked hard for it.

     After IndAK, I went back to Lowerbox to seat with Gia. A while later, after all the high school teams have performed, we went out and down the first floor. In looking for Arvin, I saw AC. I immediately hugged and congratulated him. I told him how proud I am of him. As we made our conversation, I tried not to mention Arvin, however much it was itching my tongue to ask where he was, because I knew AC didn’t like it when I only go to him for Arvin. It was not true, I was proud of AC as much as I was proud of Arvin.

     After a while of searching, Gia and I went to the second floor because we couldn’t find Arvin. On our way up, I saw Arvin downstairs blending in with the crowd. I immediately rushed to the opposite escalator and half ran toward the first floor. When I arrived at the place where I last saw Arvin, he was not there. I looked around and around, and finally, he was there in front of me.

     I tried to act cool, like I was not looking for him. I walked toward him and congratulated him. He immediately hugged me, which shocked me and for a moment we stayed like that. If it weren’t for AC we would’ve be in each other’s arms a bit longer. Since AC was teasing me already, I had to pull away. We chitchatted for a while. I told him how proud I was of him, that I was rutting for them to win and that I believed with all my heart that they will win. A while later, a friend of them wanted a picture. They were looking for someone to take it for them. AC said, “Si Kloie! Ay wait wag si Kloie.” And then Arvin agreed to the statement and said, “Oo nga wag si Kloie. Nakakahiya! Baka mapagod.” And they kept on saying my arms might get tired. They even asked Gia to take the picture but instead I volunteered and took the picture. After the picture, the guy left and they went back to us and we had a little chitchat. After a while, Arvin said he’ll look for food because he was really hungry. I nodded and then we parted ways.

     Gia asked me if I could share my stamp with her so that she could go in the VIP section. I agreed then we went to the VIP section in order to get my stamp renewed so that I could share it with her but unfortunately the one guarding the VIP section that had the stamp refused to stamp me. Instead, I went inside in order to avoid suspicion from the guards.

     Inside, I sat at the back of Gab and this other guy. They were joking/teasing me in a funny way. Gab said that he knew me because Diego was telling stories about me to him. At that, my eyes grew wider. I was not expecting that. It only made me curious as to what Diego was telling Gab. Was it good? Was it bad?

     After a while, I transferred seats and asked, “sino ‘to?” to the one wearing black, little did I know it was Aaron. However, my conscience was kicking in and I had to get back to Gia. What kind of friend am I if I let a friend be alone while I have fun right?

     After a while, Gia and I met up with Queen up on the second floor where she and another Airforce dude was standing. I was showing off my scorpion and the moment I put my foot down, I saw Arvin. If he was not mobbed by boys, he would’ve went to me and said hi. I saw him walking toward my direction but unfortunately he was dragged to the side.

     A while later, we decided to split up and I was back in the VIP section where I sat next to the dude we were with when I saw Arvin. He grabbed my hand and cracked it. It was weird because it was so random. Then he started massaging my hand. It was like getting a spa treatment for free so I let him. I asked him to follow me on twitter instead he started saying stuff about following to the ends of the world. I was seriously awkward for me. He, then, grabbed my hand and placed it on his chest where his heart was, claiming that his heart only beats for me. When he noticed my rings, he made a comment about how I married a lot of men. I went with the flow and named my rings from the fake husbands: Aaron, Arvin and Justine. Then the weirdest thing happened to me. He, the guy who was massaging my finger, kneeled in front of me, which made Darren look to our direction. He was proposing to me and Darren was looking at me curiously. I shrugged and just went with it.


     After the announcing of the winners, I immediately made my way back—not wanting anyone to see how disappointed I was that IndAK didn’t win. I seriously believed they would place this year. At the back where no one can see, I let myself wept on Queen’s arms. I was so sad for them that even words couldn’t express my grief for their loss.

     Something that was still bothering me crossed my mind that very moment. Was I really crying for the loss of IndAK or did I cry because of what Andy told me earlier that night—that Arvin had a girl who was from SHS? Confused and depressed, I asked Queen and Gia if we could go home already—not wanting to mourn for it anymore. They agreed to it and I said my farewell to—originally only to Aaron—the Airforce peeps I met earlier. Some of them hugged me and congratulated me. I repelled the positive vibes about the win of Sayawatha and told them of my loss. They comforted me for a while then we said our goodbyes. “Bye, nigga,” Matthew said as he patted my head like a child. “Bye, Kloie,” Aaron said which made me smile despite my crestfallen expression.

     On our way to my car, we ran into Gab and Diego. We had a little chitchat and then they congratulated us. Then again, I refused to be congratulated because of IndAK and they started teasing me about it. It was actually fun just hanging with the twins. They were like two importunate brothers of mine.

     Being told that my car was in front of the arena, the three of us made our way to the entrance. We ran into Cayel and Aaron, who were again winking at us, on our way to the entrance. Cayel a kissy face while staring at me. Tired and slow-minded, I playfully returned his kissy face.

     Someone (I couldn’t remember who), told me that Gia was borrowed by Jaja because she was supposed to prom pose that night. I called her and while I was calling her, someone patted me on the back—saying goodbye to me. Blankly, I didn’t even notice that it was Aaron. The moment I realized it was Aaron, I shouted my farewell to him and as acknowledgement he waved his hand.

     Gab, Diego, Darren, Queen and I stood at near the stairs of the arena. As I tell the tales of the truth (the stuff I know about them), Gab said, “Para kang si Matt” and Diego and Darren agreed to it. Darren who was standing beside me shared my grief of the loss of IndAK since Joe Morabe was his cousin—this lightened my mood.

     I walked toward the opposite side of the arena to look for Gia since it was time to leave. Jaja was crying and they asked me if I could ask anyone if Cyril was still there. I walked toward JGo and congratulated him first. We hugged awkwardly because he was so tall. Then I asked him if Cyril was still there but he said Cyril left already. I went back to deliver the bad news and Tiffany asked if she could have a picture with Justine. So I went back to JGo to ask him to ask Justine if we could have a picture with him. He called Justine’s attention and I said, “Hey, can my friend have a picture with you?” “Sure,” he said with that sweet voice of him. I went back to call Tiffany. While standing there, I was shocked that Justine was already beside me. He saw Jaja crying and asked me what happened to her. I said that Jaja was gonna prom pose but unfortunately the guy didn’t arrive. We continued to talk about random stuff while waiting for Tiffany to take a picture with him. After a while, Tiffany was finally ready to take a picture with Justine. I saw that they were going to use Polaroid and I used it as an opportunity to have a picture with him without looking like a fan. I announce that since it was Polaroid I also wanted a picture. After taking Tiffany’s picture, Justine immediately shifted to me and wrapped him arm around my shoulder. I was trying my best not to shake and fortunately for me, I succeeded at that. The moment I got home, I posted the picture in twitter and he favorite it. And at that very moment, I have finally, officially ended the phase of crushing over Justine from a far.

     However exciting my night went hugging Arvin was still and will always be the highlight of that night.Image


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