Summation of 2013

Most kids my age are counting down the hours, minutes and seconds before 2014 arrives. However, I, on the other hand, locked my room and focused on this book my mom bought me for Christmas—The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. Most people sums up their memories from the previous year while I sum […]

“I Want To”

Shutting off my emotions Oh! How I wish I could do Covered by some illusion That I’d be loved too So blinded by passion Never knew it was disaster I’ll bump into Scared of rejection Yet still looking for affection Knowing one’s love is just an infection That will just add up to my depression […]

Friday the 13th

My friday the 13th was many thing. Unfortunately, “satisfying” was not one of them. Today, I went to see Aaron and Arvin. It didn’t happen as I expected however, it was fun to finally see them again. I’ve been waiting weeks for this.
I don’t want to write anything about Aaron and especially Arvin for tonight. […]

My Biggest Rival: Australia (12/3/13)

LATE POST: Today I learned that Arvin will be flying to Australia by tomorrow. The moment I received that text form Andy Gaston confirming that Arvin would be leaving for Australia tomorrow, my heart sank—like someone threw it in a well. I felt that hallow feeling stirring inside me. I have no idea why this […]