Friday the 13th

My friday the 13th was many thing. Unfortunately, “satisfying” was not one of them. Today, I went to see Aaron and Arvin. It didn’t happen as I expected however, it was fun to finally see them again. I’ve been waiting weeks for this.
I don’t want to write anything about Aaron and especially Arvin for tonight. This is definitely not a night worth remembering. I want to remember Arvin with happy memories and not insecure moments wherein I stare at him while he performs or something and think how wonderful would it be if that boy would return my feelings. But then I snap back to reality and face the sour fact that he has feelings for girl who unfortunately is not me. And if I truly feel for him, I’d be happy for him. And I am but I just can’t shake that feeling of “what if”and it sucks cause then I get my hopes up and boom reality had to ruin it all. “Maybe its just not meant to be?”


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