Summation of 2013

Most kids my age are counting down the hours, minutes and seconds before 2014 arrives. However, I, on the other hand, locked my room and focused on this book my mom bought me for Christmas—The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. Most people sums up their memories from the previous year while I sum up lessons I’ve learned from 2013.

2013 thought me:

  1. Singers’ voices are better raw than edited because it shows their true greatness.
  2. A lifetime with the people you love is never enough.
  3. True love transcends everything.
  4. Being selfless makes you brave.
  5. Everything has its reasons.
  6. One will do everything for one’s love.
  7. Words have power.
  8. To love is to be happy. (I’ve once read that to love is to destroy but honestly even though we know that we still choose to love, right? Because to love and to be loved brings us simple that simple happiness that we consider pure.)
  9. Sometimes all we need is to forgive and move on.
  10. Forever is never enough.
  11. Sometimes what we’re looking for was right in front of us all along.
  12. Love above all.

Last but not the least, on the day before New Year itself arrived, I learned that life is never fair but that shouldn’t stop us from enjoying life. TFIOS thought me that you don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world but you do have some say in who hurts you. As far as I know, we only have two choices: we can live life with no regrets—because our lifetimes are limited and we can’t waste even a single minute regretting—or die trying. And I will end this year by choosing the former.


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