Invitation (1/29/14)

LATE POST: The first thing I did after I got the prom invitation, besides scenting it with perfume, is informing Arvin about it. I texted him, asking when he’ll be dismissed. He wasn’t replying and I was starting to lose hope that I’ll see him that day. Just when I was thinking about it while […]

Flare (1/25/14)

LATE POST: I told Gii to go with me in front near the stage where I saw Arvin standing. I told her I saw Luigi Suarez, her crush, in order to get her to accompany me to Arvin. Arvin held us captive as entered various topics of conversation which, as Gia said, kept us there […]

Sublime & Hamartia (1/24/14)

LATE POST: AHS fair, I couldn’t quite put out if I enjoyed the night or depressed about it.   JUSTINE: As I passed by the fourth year wing/corridor, Justine was sitting on a blue bench that was placed in the middle of the classroom doors. I zoning out toward his direction and i was mesmerized […]