Flare (1/25/14)


I told Gii to go with me in front near the stage where I saw Arvin standing. I told her I saw Luigi Suarez, her crush, in order to get her to accompany me to Arvin. Arvin held us captive as entered various topics of conversation which, as Gia said, kept us there forever. We shared jokes and teased Gii a lot.

There was a time when I left Arvin and Gii to say hi to Geli who was standing not that far but not that near to where we were standing. I asked him where Luigi Suarez was since Gii wanted to meet him. Unfortunately, he told me I just missed Luigi and he doesn’t know where he is. I went back to Arvin and the next thing I knew Gii was pulling me toward Luigi. An embarrassing moment occurred the moment we reached Luigi for Arvin and Geli told him that I was looking for him when I was only looking for him because Gii was. And now he might think I’m into him. The moment I thought the situation couldn’t get any worse, it did. Arvin and Geli left Gii and me with Luigi. It was so awkward that we didn’t do anything but stare at each other and the moment one catches the other one looking one will immediately look away. When Luigi left and Arvin returned, we filled him up with the awkwardness we felt with Luigi.

When everything was well, Gii brought up Justine because she wanted to be introduced to him. I told her it was never gonna happen because “sa tagal-tagal naming magkakilala ni Arvin, neve niya akong pinakilala kay Justine.” Then I asked him what was happening on the 15th of February since they claimed that Justine couldn’t attend MC prom due to some competition he needed to attend to. Arvin told me I should go ask him, pointing behind me. Confused, I looked toward the direction he was pointing and saw Justin standing directly behind me. Arvin brought us to Justine, surprising me with an introduction to him. At the middle of introducing us, Justine immediately interrupted him, claiming that we already knew each other. I relayed the questions I asked Arvin about him and he told me he’ll check on it and will let me know ASAP. After a while, they were both called to perform and we parted ways.

I watched him perform then after, we left the covered courts. After what seemed like forever of being outside, I saw Justine. I forced Gii to follow Justine with me. We ended up returning to the covered courts. The moment we enter the courts, we saw that Arvin was still where he was before, near the stage, preparing to perform. Gii was pushing me to him but I was resisting it. When she finally gave up, she told me that the IndAK boys were doing the same to him.

After the show, Gii and I left the courts to meet Gia by the admin. We saw Justine with another IndAK person across us. He saw me and he shouted “Hi, Kloie!” Gii told me to go talk to him and so I did. I didn’t know how to start a conversation so I asked him about Arvin’s location. Though the conversation didn’t last long, it was worth it.

I grew tired of waiting for Arvin to leave the dressing room so I left the fair to go to KFC. If I thought the awkwardness was over, I was wrong. I saw Luigi Suarez again and he was seated in front of us. What an awkward way to end the night?


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