Invitation (1/29/14)


The first thing I did after I got the prom invitation, besides scenting it with perfume, is informing Arvin about it. I texted him, asking when he’ll be dismissed. He wasn’t replying and I was starting to lose hope that I’ll see him that day. Just when I was thinking about it while waiting for Gia to finish her practice, Arvin texted me that he was dismissed already so I told him I was going to drop the invitation off and I did. I went to AHS and waited for him in the parking lot. He arrived a few minutes after asking me where I was. We tried to talk about prom but it was so awkward for both of us. We agreed on him tagging along with me during the after party so which means we’ll be together the whole night (?) that’d be fun. We were alone for about 30 minutes before it started to rain which marked the end of our “hohol”.

Gii informed me that Arvin was going to ask Yanna to prom soon. I know I don’t have the right but come on!!!! Yanna? This is just so sad for me. Every great day gotta have its downfall all the time. But whatever… if it’s meant to be it will be.


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