I couldn’t quite decipher my feelings about last night. Good things happened at the same time worst information had to be taken in. Maybe I’m over thinking it or maybe my instincts are correct?

                Prom was full of adventures. It all started when Arvin arrived at 5:07 in Makati Shang. The moment I read the text, I immediately panicked. Sweat was consuming my palms and my nerves were going crazy. As I rush into my dress, I fantasized about what was going to happen and little did I know the night was going to be nothing like I fantasized.

Arvin arrived at the hotel room, my mom took pictures and we set off. We made our way to the elevator and unfortunately for us, it took us 20 minutes before an elevator opened for both of us. As we reached the 2nd floor where the ballroom was located, we registered immediately. As we entered the ballroom, we saw picture booths and we immediately took weird photos in each booth. After getting bored of waiting inside, we went out and looked for people we knew. Gii and company were the first ones we saw while looking for AC and Andy. It hurt a bit seeing Arvin with Gii but I was completely fine. I asked him why he asked Gii and if he likes her. He didn’t deny it completely but he also didn’t confirm it. However, I do have a feeling that he has a thing for Gii. And whether that feeling is a fact or just a feeling, I don’t know.  AC texted Arvin that he was inside the ballroom already with Andy so we decided to go back and search for them inside. We stayed with them until the door opened for students to enter.

We were the first in our table so we did the typical thing to do: choose the best seat, leave a mark on it then roam around to look for people. We did all the possible stuff we could do to avoid getting bored. It was amazing how even though many were talking to me for a long time, Arvin remained by my side. Every time, I wanted to go somewhere, he’d follow. If he was needed in some place, he would ask me to come with him. There was this one time when Gab went to chat with me and it probably took at most 10 minutes of my time and Arvin just sat there next to me. Those little things are the most appreciated for me. He carried my phone for me the whole night because it wouldn’t fit in my bag. And when I accidentally wet Patng’s phone, the moment I took the phone away from the wet area, he got it from my hands and started drying it.

When the awards was given, all there was left was the dance. Of course, Arvin and I went to the dance floor since AC and company were there. They did what dancers always do—dance—while Ella and I were just playing with the shoes on the ground. I started walking toward Ella who was standing opposite me and Arvin next to Inna and Alec. I stood there for a while doing weird stuff with Ella. Every time I glance at Arvin, he was, weirdly, looking at me with concern (idk?) in his eye. We were having fun for a while then the song change its beats and drums to violins and pianos. Inna and Alec started dancing together; Jaja was nowhere to be found; Ella and prom date were already swaying and so were Andy and AC. I looked at Arvin who looked at me. He asked, “Do you want to?” and all I could answer was, “Ikaw?” He then held out his hand and I took it. He placed my hand on the ba ck of his neck and my other hand obediently followed. It was so awkward that I can’t think of anything to compare it with. We ended stopping the dance because it was nothing but awkward for me (I don’t know with him since he was saying nothing about it). Ella scolded us and told us to do it again with pointers on how to slow dance. So we did what she did. Arvin, for the second time, asked for my hand and the process began. We locked eyes, as Ella said so, and focused on each other but it was still so awkward. For the second time we stopped. I told him the song reminded me of someone (Anjo) since I had memories with the song. I asked if we could sit down first and so we did on the nearest table we could find. Arvin asked about that certain “someone” I was referring to but I deprived him answer. We sat there for a couple of songs. When the DJ played “Fall” by Justin Bieber, I told him I like the song and dragged him to the dance floor. We did the process again but this time it went naturally. We ended up hugging each other as we silently swayed to the beat of the music. When the music was over, we decided to leave the place completely.

I took a shower in the hotel room as Arvin charged his phone. We went to Aracama but we had a problem coming in at first. While waiting for the problem to be solved, we ate at McDo. While facetiming with Kristel, my battery died. Arvin and I started panicking as we have no contact with my mom. We looked for a charger in sight but there was none. We then looked for Burger King and KFC for they have iPhone chargers but there was none. We then decided to go back to Aracama where we saw my mom’s friend who let us in the club. The funny part about it was that we were both too calm to even think we’re panicking already.

The time continued to tick and Arvin asked if we were still going to Inna’s. I asked him if he wanted to but he wouldn’t tell me yes or no. I ended up assuming he wanted to go but just being polite about it. I asked my mom if we could go to Inna’s but she didn’t allow me because Inna lives too far. I told Arvin that I couldn’t go but I’ll bring him to Katip if he needed a ride. He told me he wasn’t going to Inna’s anymore and will just go straight home. Instead of bringing him to Katip, we ended up bringing him home. And the night ended with a hug.

I don’t know what to feel about the whole night. I really hope he had fun because it really doesn’t matter whether I had fun or not. But I did since we were together the whole night. I wish he wasn’t lying when he told me he had fun. I wish he meant it with all his heart. Although, I still don’t know how to react on the fact that Gii might be Arvin’s “next girl”. I may not know the answers to all my questions but I do know one thing: we can never be together as how I want it to be.



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