A Night At Gatsby’s

The LSGH prom was neither as fun as Aileria nor was it boring. There were some moments I wanted to erase from my memory forever and there were some information I want to cherish forever. A night at Gatsby’s, as I would say, is unexpected. It was on this night I learned, through Gab Villarosa’s confession, that I was the 1st girl Diego ever liked. It was so sad that he never really admitted it to me. If only fate was nicer to me, then I wouldn’t have regrets by now. I knew it too late, and now I have to accept the fact that there’s nothing to do but keep moving forward.

                It was sad to see Anjo with another girl. Though there was nothing between us, he was part of my life and no matter what I do, he’ll always be a piece in my puzzle. It was just annoying when I said hi to Nads Gamo and her date—Ino Garcia—called Anjo the moment he saw me. It was as if he was playing a joke on me since he’s Anjo’s bestfriend, he knows what happened between us. At this my night was half ruined.

                I didn’t know what to feel about Josh Salinas. Cause number one, he’s so touchy. I mean, if that was Arvin I’d be fine with it but the thing is, he’s not Arvin. Number two, he’s like a puppy. I mean, come on, stop following me. I seriously don’t know what to feel about him. He’s with Debbie and all so he should put restrain on him but no! So yeah. Just no.

                But all in all, LSGH prom was okay. I get to be with some friends. I was able to learn a lot of revelations. I made new friends. And lastly, I realized that the only reason why I didn’t have that much fun was because it was not Arvin I was with.ImageImageImageImage


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