So Close

By Kloie Gil

As I lie awake tonight

I couldn’t think of anything but you

You give me light

But darkness too

Three years ago

I had you in my hand

I didn’t know what to do

It was so unplanned

I had my eyes on him

You had yours on me

It was all too dim

Your love, I couldn’t see

I ignored your affection

I broke your heart

For me, there was no connection

And that was just the start

The year after that

I had a reflection

Couldn’t forget our chat

Discovered infatuation

But I was too late

You were with my best friend

On Vesmir, you were on a date

Thought it was a dead end

But it didn’t end there

She then introduces us

I could do nothing but stare

`twas like I’ve been hit by a bus

I played it cool

Trying not to be a fool

At the same time cruel

Declared I remember we met at school

I walked away

Behind the entrance, I stay

Because I felt fey

And that I couldn’t display

It took me months to move on

And once again I can sleep through dawn

The feeling was gone

Finally, I can carry on

Twenty thirteen

The year we meet again

I had a talk with your twin

And suspicions were gained

He kept giving me hints

About you and me

That we had some imprint

Like I was your sweet pea

I wasn’t sure what to do

To confirm or to deny

Never heard the truth from you

He might be a spy

I acted dumb and clueless

Didn’t show any emotion

Like talking about you was painless

I concealed my affection

A Night At Gatsby’s

The truth was revealed

And I was unease

Couldn’t help but yield

My whole world fell apart

Like being stabbed by a dart

And I was back to the start

But this time it was I with a broken heart

I tried to reunite

But it was too late

There was no longer any light

You were in love with your prom date

Why is fate so cruel?

It was never in my favor

It made me a fool

This is enough, I’ll surrender


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