The Reason Why I Chose Austin

I once loved a boy named Trevor Mason. He was my first love, and he broke my heart. It took me almost a year to move on from him. And I was never the same; I used to be all sweet and innocent but then Trevor killed me. He sucked out every bit of goodness […]

Stefanie Colerico

I had once loved a girl so much. Even though we’ve only been together for a couple of months, it was everything to me. Stefanie Colerico was different from all the girls I’ve been with. We had a love that consumed us up to the point where it ruined us. I never knew I could […]

Sally Pulchellus

I was once in love with a girl name Sally Pulchellus. But then again, who wasn’t? Sally was practically everyone’s type. However, she wasn’t exactly the typical girl that boys like. She wasn’t blonde, she wasn’t a cheerleader, and hell wasn’t she easy. Sally was brunette. She was popular because she was smart. Every boy […]


I lie on the grass Under the sky Looking at the giant ball of gas It was the apple of my eye Didn’t care about time Because everything was fine The galaxies intertwine And the stars shine The sun was setting But it wasn’t upsetting Beauty was the whole thing And I regret nothing There […]