Sally Pulchellus

I was once in love with a girl name Sally Pulchellus. But then again, who wasn’t? Sally was practically everyone’s type. However, she wasn’t exactly the typical girl that boys like. She wasn’t blonde, she wasn’t a cheerleader, and hell wasn’t she easy. Sally was brunette. She was popular because she was smart. Every boy tried to ask her out but she always said no. A couple of years ago, she had a boyfriend—Xander, who was from a different school. If I heard correctly, they dated for about eight months and then they broke it off. No one really knew why. After that Sally became wild. And suddenly, not just everyone from school wanted her but it seems like everyone in California wanted her. Sally Pulchellus was simply perfect.

Why did I love Sally, you may ask? Sally was my neighbor. Everyone loved Sally from the start. Sally was sweet and nice. She liked to help everyone and every time she sees me play outside my house, she says hi. It always made me smile even if it made me look like an idiot. She was the only reason why I played outside, anyways. Something about Sally made us all obsessed.

One afternoon, Sally came home about half an hour later than her usual. I know this, of course, because I wait for her every time just to hear her say my name. But this time she didn’t say hi, she walked passed by me, crying her heart out. It crushed me, seeing her like that. All the years I’ve known Sally, I never saw her cry. She wasn’t the type. But today, it was like the whole world was ending for her.

The door slammed and it took me about five minutes to blink again. Suddenly the urge to make her feel better was controlling my whole body, and the next thing I knew was that my feet were dragging me inside the house and into the kitchen. In the fridge, I grabbed my mom’s homemade cookies that she made last weekend for no apparent reason. I walked out the door and found myself at the footsteps of Sally’s house. Her house was huge—it was the biggest in the neighborhood.

I rang the doorbell and waited patiently for someone to answer the door. It took about a minute before someone opened the door. To my surprise, it was sally. She was all changed to a casual sweat pants and a tight shirt that brought out her curves. Her face showed no emotion or any sign that she was crying. She looked almost perfect if it wasn’t for her sad gray eyes. Looking into her eyes, made it seem like someone had just died. She looked so vulnerable that I just want to drop everything and give her a tight hug and whisper to hear ears sweet nothings.

“What’s up?” she said.

I blinked for a while, too distracted to notice that I’ve been staring at her with my mouth wide open. I was practically drooling because even when she’s so broken she looked like an angel—so small, so delicate—someone that you just want to love forever. “Oh, are you okay? I saw you crying and I was just wondering if you wanted some of my mom’s cookies? It’s really good.”

She laughed so innocently, like she thought I was humoring her. “Do you want to come in?”

“Um, sure.” As I entered her house, I glanced around. It was the first time since I was born that I’ve seen Sally’s house. As much as it looked perfect on the outside, it looked so empty on the inside. It was huge and classy but it lack life. It must have been depressing to live in such a huge house all by yourself since Sally’s parents are business people who traveled around most of the time.

We stayed at her bedroom. I wouldn’t say it was any different than I imagined it would be because every boy practically dreamt of being inside Sally’s bedroom and here I am. She had a window overlooking the city and beside it was a bookshelf full of variety of books. Her bed was place in the middle of the room and in front of it placed a huge TV set. Opposite to the window, beside the door, was another door—walk in closet and bathroom, she explain. She sat on the bed and gesture for me to sit next to her. I handed her the cookies and obeyed her.

“So tell me, what exactly do you want from me, Nicoli?”

I blinked. “What do you mean?”

“I mean… do you like me?”

My jaw dropped in surprise. My mind was quite sure what to process at the moment. Was she for real? I blinked again in surprise as she laughed at me. “It’s okay, you can tell me, Nicoli. I’ve known you since like forever. And you’ve always waited for me to come home everyday.”

“What? You’ve noticed that?” I blushed as I admitted since there’s no point in hiding.

“My mom did.”

“Well, yes I kind of do,” I said shyly looking straight to her eyes for any reaction but she didn’t say anything. Instead, she cupped my face and kissed me. At first I was too shock to kiss back because I’ve been waiting my whole life for this moment. We all have been and it’s here happening right now. I closed my eyes, wished that I wasn’t dreaming, and kissed her back. It was sweet for a while then it became hot and heavy. My hands were all over her body. My heart was beating fast, although something was missing. She kissed so passionately; it almost made me forgot it wasn’t a dream. It was surreal.

She was the one who pulled away first. She looked at me with her eyes sparkling. I’ve heard rumors about her eyes. It was deceitful, they said. Now I know what they mean. The lines of her gray eyes were long and scattered. She didn’t blink. If it weren’t Sally, I would’ve thought she loved me and only me. But then since her break up with Xander, Sally kissed a lot of guys and all of their stories were the same. It was starting to scare me how accurately they described it.

“She will look at you like you were the only two people in the world. She will kiss you so hard you think that your lips were only meant for you. And for that moment you’ll think that there’s nothing else that matters because you got it all. But then she will pull away just before you hit the ground. You will think that she saved you because she looks like an angel looking straight at you with her gray eyes. But then the way she looks at you so passionately, you’ll blink and realize that she doesn’t feel the same way. Instead, she feels sadness that you’ll be just one of the boys whom hearts she broke because she was broken. You’ll realize that her eyes didn’t bore passion but instead a longing for someone she once loved. She was wishing that it should’ve him that she was kissing and not you. And it would seem like your world was ending but then you look back at her and you just couldn’t hate her. She looked so much like a broken angel for you to hate. Even if she broke you, even if it would take you years probably to get over that kiss, you won’t hate her. Instead, you would love her more that ever.”

True enough, all of those happened. I’ve been with a lot of girls ever since and I’ve also been happily married. But now, I sit here in the dinning table, pretending to read the newspaper when I’m really just reminiscing that kiss. It has been years since then but I couldn’t get over it. I haven’t heard from Sally after graduation. She never attended reunions or any get together. No one heard from her at all. Every one was looking for her. Everyone wanted to know how she’s been because just like me, they all couldn’t forget that one perfect kiss with her. Everyone loved her even though she only really loved that boy we called Xander. And that is the curse that Sally Pulchellus and everyone bore.


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