Only Her Soul Mate

“How did you meet mom again, Dad?” his thirteen-year-old daughter asked as she started to chew on her pancakes. He blinked and smiled as he remembered. He gently set a side the daily paper that he had been reading a moment ago and began recalling his memories of her.

It was about twenty years ago when he first met her. He used to sleep in the rooftop of his building in school because it was the most peaceful place there was and no one really came up there but him. However, one day, a scream from a frustrated girl woke him up. She was rambling about how she hated the school and how the students annoyed her. To his annoyance, he stood up and came to her side. When she sensed that there was someone else on the roof, she stopped screaming and started apologizing to him. He looked at her; she was crying. She was a very odd girl, he thought, a crazy one even. He didn’t exactly know why but the urge to hug her and make her feel better was rushing throughout his veins. He knew he wasn’t in love with her, he was sure of it. It was because he’s heart already belonged to someone else. Samantha was his childhood friend, sister, and lover. She was everything to him. Samantha was his first love.

A few days came by and he became close with this odd girl from the rooftop. He wasn’t really the type to just be friends with anyone. He simply just felt uncomfortable being with some people since his parents died. But to his surprise, being with this girl made him feel comfort. She felt like home. Not to mention, she was basically the kindest person he has ever met. Her being kind did not make her weak; instead it made her very strong and it amazed him.

His best friend, Trevor loved to play with her. Often times, Trevor would put her in pain just for fun. He hated seeing her broken so he became his savior. But he didn’t really go against it because he knew, deep down inside of Trevor, he was simply expressing the feelings he refused to admit to her. He knew that Trevor secretly fancied her and he was fine with it because of Samantha.

One day, Samantha came home from volunteering in Africa. He was so excited that his love was back. His light has finally gone back. Everything was good up until she told him that she was leaving again and was never coming back. He was broken but he understood her. Because though Samantha did love him back, she was busy growing herself. Samantha was indeed beautiful, and what is most amazing about her is that she visions to see and make the world as beautiful as her. With that, he lost his first love. Little did he know everything would’ve been better because that’s when he found his true love, his soul mate.

She was there with him through his darkest moments with Samantha. She wouldn’t admit it but the more time he spent with Samantha, the more she grew closer to Trevor and began developing feelings that she didn’t want to feel. He knew she loved him since the beginning and now that he’s ready to love her, she seems to be drifting further from his grasp. Because he loved both her and his best friend, he swallowed his feelings and allowed them to be together. However, their relationship had been very difficult for everyone because she was constantly hurting due to Trevor’s family issues. Trevor’s mom was very harsh on her because his mom believed that she wasn’t good enough for him. Seeing her like that, he didn’t like it. He had her back twice as much as before and started filling the holes that Trevor left her. It broke his heart every time she shed a tear. He focused all his energy in loving her. It was his way of thanking her for making him smile and saving him from depression. He became a different person ever since he met her. She simply moved his soul. Thus, he felt like he should do everything in his power to make her happy. However much he professed his love to her, he knew her heart already belonged to Trevor. He wanted to hate Trevor for hurting her all the time but he couldn’t. She taught his heart not to hate but instead to love.

Unfortunately, she didn’t end up with Trevor. It was just too complicated that she couldn’t take it anymore. As a reaction to this, Trevor flew to the states and married whom his parents arranged for him to. She stayed behind and continued her life. He stayed with her throughout everyday of her time in the darkness. Slowly, he was able to pull her out. He asked for another chance with her. Thankfully, she never truly unloved him. They were soul mates. After years of being in love, he asked her to marry him. Then the day came and it was the happiest day of his life. He couldn’t have asked for anything. Though he knew that she would never love anyone as much as she loved Trevor, being able to love her for the rest of his life was enough for him. Because he never truly asked her to love him back because he knew that Trevor was her true love and he was just her soul mate. But to him, she was his soul mate, true love and everything. The fact that she loved him back even if it was not as great, was truly enough for him.

“And that’s the story of your mom and I,” he to his daughter with joyful eyes.

“Are you saying that you love me more that I love you, honey?” she interrupted, laughing.

He blinked and laughed. She bent down to kiss his forehead. “Honey, I’ve always loved you either way and I will always. You’ve loved me too much, that’s true. Thank you, let me love you forever in return.”

He smiled because he remembered that Trevor went back to her after he was divorced. Trevor was begging for her to come back to him. He always thought that the moment Trevor came back to her, she would leave him. To his surprise, she shook her head and came home to him. For that, he was ever so grateful. She chose him. She finally chose him.


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