To My Dearest Future Happy Self,

The day will come when you no longer think about him all the time. You will truly and completely be healed. If you’re reading this and you remember me, don’t. Don’t reminisce because the person you’re trying to remember is better off dead and forgotten. She is in a very bad shape right now. Better than before but still pretty much consumed by darkness. Though I haven’t really thought about him lately. I guess I’m a step closer to you now. However, I fear very much the day that I might break down and take a step back. I really cannot afford another episode of my sadness otherwise I would lose all hope of ever getting to you. I need to move on. I really do.I need to meet you because I’ve been hating on the person that I’ve become now. Thus, your existence is a must. Because I need to believe that this pain could and will end. Because I cannot be miserable forever, right?


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