Thank You For Letting Me Go

I, kind of, miss being in a relationship. Sometimes, I even mistake it for missing you. I miss how fun it was. But I don’t miss you anymore. In fact, I’m into him right now. All the things I did with you, I’m wishing right now that I could also do them with him. All the beautiful memories I shared with you, I wish I had with him too. I miss being in a relationship but I no longer want it with you.

I know it’s not nothing between him and I. It doesn’t feel anything close to nothing. In fact, I got both of us wishing you and I never happened. But even after we’ve moved on, you still had a say in who dates me. I love him, you know. I really do. He loves me too. I never thought I could love anyone again. But for him, my heart once again opened itself. It’s different with him. He doesn’t stress me out. We laugh all the time. There’s no jealousy, no anger and no fights. It’s easy with him. That’s the kind of relationship I’ve been looking for since the beginning. And thank God I found it, even if it was not with you. Thank God, we didn’t work out. Otherwise I wouldn’t have the one I’m looking for because to be honest, I would’ve settled for you. It’s a good thing fate brought me to him. What I had with you was very special. You were my first. I didn’t think I could love anyone else as much as I loved you and I’ll probably never will. But I love him, maybe even more than I ever loved you. Thank you for letting me go because if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have met the one. He’s the one.


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