Unexpected Happenings

I don’t know where it started but now I’m pretty confused with these mix feelings I have for you. You were my consistent even if it was never about us. You made me so happy after everything that I’ve been through. If only we met first, maybe then we could’ve happened. You got me cursing […]

Thank You For Letting Me Go

I, kind of, miss being in a relationship. Sometimes, I even mistake it for missing you. I miss how fun it was. But I don’t miss you anymore. In fact, I’m into him right now. All the things I did with you, I’m wishing right now that I could also do them with him. All […]

The Rebound

Sam was everything that I wanted from a guy. He was kind, sweet, understanding and patient. He was simply perfect. The best part is that he loved me more than anything in the world. And I love him for being there for me at my worst. He held me close to him when I was […]

To The Boy I Cheated On

I’m okay now. I’ve been seeing someone already. I’m no longer begging for you to come back whenever I text you from time to time. I’ve finally accepted the fact that we are over. But that doesn’t mean I want to lose you in life forever. It is because I acknowledge the fact that we […]

To My Dearest Future Happy Self,

The day will come when you no longer think about him all the time. You will truly and completely be healed. If you’re reading this and you remember me, don’t. Don’t reminisce because the person you’re trying to remember is better off dead and forgotten. She is in a very bad shape right now. Better […]

Only Her Soul Mate

“How did you meet mom again, Dad?” his thirteen-year-old daughter asked as she started to chew on her pancakes. He blinked and smiled as he remembered. He gently set a side the daily paper that he had been reading a moment ago and began recalling his memories of her. It was about twenty years ago […]


Distractions. Distractions. Distractions. I need more distractions. I need to keep myself busy, trying to avoid thinking of you. So that one day, I could live a day without thinking about you. Because the more I distract myself from thinking of you, the less I miss being with you and the more I could see […]

The Reason Why I Chose Austin

I once loved a boy named Trevor Mason. He was my first love, and he broke my heart. It took me almost a year to move on from him. And I was never the same; I used to be all sweet and innocent but then Trevor killed me. He sucked out every bit of goodness […]

Stefanie Colerico

I had once loved a girl so much. Even though we’ve only been together for a couple of months, it was everything to me. Stefanie Colerico was different from all the girls I’ve been with. We had a love that consumed us up to the point where it ruined us. I never knew I could […]